Pilates Reformer Workout – 30Min

Pilates Reformer Workout

Source: Pilates Body with Michelle & Alexis

This Pilates reform exercise will strengthen your body from head to toe. We start with a leg workout and finish with a nice hip move that will strengthen your lower body while improving hip flexibility.

Remember that you should have a good understanding of how to use the reformer before performing this exercise on your own.

This beginner’s Pilates reformer shows you the exercises and their sequence as taught at Boulder’s Pilates Center. Each photo includes device notes, safety tips and a few hints. These Pilates experts demonstrate their expertise so you can see where you’re going with the exercises, but fear not!

This is intended as a visual reference for those who are working out at home with Pilates classes. The workout instructions are not detailed and these tips are not intended to replace in-person Pilates instruction, which is important for getting the most out of your Pilates equipment workouts.

We have quoted the number of springs that we are using. Your reformation and spring resistance may be different.

Breathe in fully, inhale deeply and exhale completely. Inhale when you take the car out and exhale when you bring the car in, but note the instructions as this may change.

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