Hybrid Calisthenics – Full-Body HOME WORKOUT

Here’s a quick-follow fitness workout to maintain or enhance your fitness.

hybrid calisthenics

Source: Hybrid Calisthenics

Training process

There are many ways to schedule your workouts, but here are a few examples. Our bodies grow and get healthier when we rest, so your rest is pretty important. In addition, nourishing exercises often focus on large, complex movements that work many muscle groups. Even if you only exercise once per week, your muscles are being conditioned several times that week.

This week will add more routines, including some more high-volume workouts so some athletes can focus on cardio and endurance.

1.) Push the wall

Target: 3 sets of 50

2.) Push up tilt
Target: 3 sets of 40

3.) Knee push-ups
Target: 2 sets of 25

4.) Full push up
Target: 2 sets of 25

5.) Narrow push up
Target: 2 sets of 20

6.) staggered side push
Target: 2 Sets of 15 (Both Sides)

7.) Archer Pushups
Target: 2 Sets of 9 (Both Sides)

8.) Single-arm push-ups
Target: 2 Sets of 9 (Both Sides)

9.) One-handed push-ups (Normal)
Target: 2 Sets of 9 (Both Sides)

10.) One-arm push-ups (Two legs together)
Target: 2 Sets of 20 (Both Sides)



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