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How to do a lunge with video tutorial, …
How to Do a Lunge

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The video above shows you how to do Lunge. So for the lunge, you’ll start with one foot in front, the other in the back. Make sure you have enough space between your legs so that one foot doesn’t rest on top of the other, so that you have enough stability when diving down and up. You’re going to dive straight down, your shoulders back, chest up, abs tight, you’ll keep the weight on your heels first and you just plunge straight down, down. Kneel back to the floor, almost touching the floor, then stand up straight again. So you just take it straight down and up, straight down and up. So the focus of this exercise is on both legs at the same time. Legs in the front, you’ll actually feel this in the hamstring, and the foot in the back when you come down, you’ll feel it in the quads. You can also do one, adding a bit of movement to your lunge, so instead of just staying in place, you can do a forward lunge where you just step one foot forward. , then go straight down on your lunge, then return to that starting position. So lunge forward, you just bring it all the way out into your lunge, make sure that the knee is in line with the ankle in front, the weight is on that heel on the front foot and then You sit up straight and roll your shoulders back, push your chest out, tighten your abs, then pull back, so you can alternate both legs this way.

You can also do the reverse swing, which is a different acrobatic movement with some movement. So instead of moving forward, you’ll just fall behind. Starting in the starting position, you will retract one leg and only step back. That’s all.

So you have a few different options with lunge. You can only do a steady lunge, just stay on your stomach and just come down just enough, you can do forward somersaults or you can do a lunge. sway back. And the swinging motion, the forward lunge and the back swing, will give you more of a cardio-burning effect, a calorie-burning effect on the cardiovascular side because you is moving the body more than steady rocking.

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