30 min Pilates Abs + Booty Workout video || Strengthen + Tone for Beginners

Welcome to the third week of Health Month? I can’t believe how quickly we got here! How do you feel? Do you feel stronger? The holidays are fast approaching and I know the time when I visit Max’s parents will be filled with great food and some relaxation. Do you have any plans for the holidays yet?

30 min Pilates Abs + Booty Workout - Strengthen + Tone

Source: Sanne Vloet

I hope you’re sweating well today! I want a workout that strengthens and tones both my abs and lower body, so this is the one for you! It’s nice to switch it up from time to time, and I’d love to hear from you about your favorite type of workout.

My goal this month is to feel stronger than ever. Do you have any fitness goals?

Say hello on Instagram and keep sharing all your workouts and recipes with me! I love to watch and repost them xx



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